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Hungarian Dining - Menu B


Finger_food Hungarian Finger Food


The Hungarian finger food is an appetizer. They are bites which are called as soldiers in Hungarian. Generally they consist of a piece of bread, and then some meat paté, or sausage or curd cheese spread (körözött) or pork crackling. On the top you can see some vegetables, for example Hungarian sweet paprika, tomato, a slice of onion, or radish. This bites go well with Hungarian fruit brandy (pálinka). This drink is very strong, so it can do harm very  easily but this finger food helps.



Fruit soup

Újházi Chicken Broth


The origin of the soup goes back to Ede Újházi (1841-1915) a famous actor of the first part of the century. When he went to restaurants the actor said that he loved stewed soups with adult chicken pieces, giblets, pasta and vegetables. The next day the polite chef prepared for him the first version of the chicken soup. The actor tasted it and gave further instructions for the cooking process. This was the way it developed to finally become an integrated part of all good restaurant menus from the turn of the century until today.



Bácska style meat and rice with Hungarian mixed salad:

Bácska Style Meat And Rice With Hungarian Mixed Salad


Many consider Bácska meat with rice an ancient Hungarian dish, however, it is not. Rice got on Hungarian plates relatively late. This dish is made from pork. It is a substantial dish, fast to prepare, delicious and perfect for both lunch and dinner.






Sweet cottage cheese balls:

Sweet Cottage Cheese Balls


A delicious dessert made from cottage cheese, semolina, eggs and sugar. First the ingredients are mixed and then balls are shaped and boiled in hot water. The balls are served with powdered sugar and sour cream. Gluten free balls are made by replacing semolina with grits and they are as delicious as their original relatives.

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