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Hungarian Cooking Course - Menu C


Goulash soup

Goulash Soup


The dish is connected to shepherds’ life on the plains. Shepherds used to live far from the villages and cokked for themselves and the only pot they had was the so called bogrács (huge pot used on open fire). The meat is cooked with vegetables and spices and eaten with fresh bread.







Savoury Pancakes Hortobágy


This a salty pancake filled with chicken meat and served with sour cream on top. The dish does not come from the Hortobágy region of Hungary. The name was invented by a Hungarian chef for the 1958 Brussels World Exhibition as a marketing trick.







Gerbeaud  Layer Cake


A real Hungarian delicacy, however, its inventor Emil Gerbeaud was not Hungarian. Emil Gerbeaud came to Hungary for the invitation of Henrik Kugler and created this cake in the middle of the 19th century. It has soft pastry and it is filled with a cream mixture of apricot jam and ground walnut and the top is covered with chocolate.

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