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Hungarian Cooking Course - Menu D


Goulash soup

Chicken Ragout Soup with Tarragon


Usually we make it from poultry (turkey or chicken) but it has its vegetarian version as well. It is a light soup with cream that can be made more special adding any kind of vegetables. In addition to carrots and peas you can also add broccoli, beans or mushrooms.






Hungarian Stuffed Paprika with Tomato Sauce


It is a typical late-summer dish when the ingredients (pepper, tomato, celeriac root) are fresh and tasteful. The origin of this dish is most probably the time of the Ottoman empire. This dish is very popular in Hungary, but similar food can be found in our neighbour countries like Balkans. Sweet and salty flavors are mixed in this food. According to the original recipe the suffing is made of minced pork meat. 







The filling maybe cottage cheese with sour cherry, pumpkin-poppyseed, cabbage. Strudel was baked already by our grandmothers and by their grand mothers and even by their ancestors. The name comes from the word layered. A long time ago the extra thin layers were not rolled up but placed on one another, sometimes 10 to 12 layers. The filling was put between the layers. The dessert was baked their traditional ovens and the strudel was served in slices with powdered sugar. It was also called rétes-béles, which means something like layered-filled. Nowadays we put thick layers of filling between the thin strudel layers then we roll it up and bake it.

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