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Jewish Dining - Menu C

Bean Pate With Challah Bean paté with Challach


Bean Paté: This is a delicious pate and easy to prepare. But do not forget to pour water on the beans the evening before you would like to make it. The mixture of beans, eggs, onion and goose fat and salt and pepper with the braided bread prepare you for the next dishes very well. 

Challah: It is a Jewish braided bread. There are longish and round versions, but the round ones are made for celebrations.  Some people prefer the salty one while others like the sweet one. On the top we could strew poppy-seed or sesame. The freshly baked Challah has a fine fragrance and it looks perfect.




Sweet tomatoes soup

Meat Soup With Matzo Balls


Great-grandma makes meat soup with chicken or beef and a lot of vegetables and cooks it very slowly. This dish requires time. Related to matzo balls let’s discuss matzo a little bit. Its origin is connected to the Jewish exodus from Egypt. The pharaoh gave the Jews permission to leave Egypt. They had to act fast and had no time to raise dough so they prepared bread without leaven. Today’s matzo is made in large amounts. Its ingredients are only flour, water without salt.




Three-onion chicken breast with mashed potatoes

Honey Chicken With Prunes And Rise


This dish surely shows you how fantastic Jewish gastronomy is. A lot of sweet dishes that may taste even sweeter than what we are used to. As I am writing these sentences it has just come to my mind that this could be in connection with the sweet tooth of my husband and son. Maybe this is encoded genetically? 






Jewish apple cake:




After the sweet main course I tried to choose some less sweet and less intensive dessert but I did not really succeed. But it is very nice and we can fill it with poppyseed, walnut, jam and chestnut. We prefer the last one.

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