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Hungarian Cooking Course - Menu A


Fruit soup

Sour Cherry Soup

In summer I cook it with fresh fruit and I prefer if there are a lot of different types of fruit in the soup, for example apple, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, plum, pear, but I always use sour cherry in fruit soup. In winter you can make it with orange or frozen fruit, too. In Hungary we eat it cool with whipped cream.







Chicken Paprikash With Dumpling

The recipe of paprika chicken first appeared in 1830 in István Czifray’s cookbook. The cookbook also included the recipes of gulyás and stew, which means the three different cooking processes were differentiated at this time already. Sour cream was also added to the paprikás and the dish was connected to the middle classes living of the city. The sour cream chicken paprikás started to spread to the lower classes from here. It first appeared on a restaurant menu in Szeged in 1825. By the middle of the 1800s the name paprikás had lost the stew/gulyás meaning used on the plains and started to be used exclusively to refer to the sour cream versions of the restaurant business. Usually it is served with dumplings or pasta pellets and homemade pickles.




Pancake Hungarian Style 

(with sweet cottage cheese, homemade fruit jam, cocoa, poppy-seed, walnut)

The original pancake comes from ancient Roman times and was called in Latin placenta. This flat dough was baked on a round stone or on a bronze shield. Its ingredients were flour, water and a little salt. It had a very important role in feeding the Roman legions because it could be stored for a longer time. Nowadays it is made from milk and we also put eggs in it. We add homemade jams, cottage cheese, walnut, poppy-seed or cocoa powder and it is served for breakfast, lunch or dinner as well.

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