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Hungarian Cooking Course - Menu B

Fruit soup

Green Pea Soup


This is a light vegetable soup with peas as the main ingredients. In Hungary we make it with or without meat in every season. In some areas of Hungary pea is the symbol of fertility (just like lentils, beans or poppy seeds), which makes it an ideal soup for wedding dinner.









Sauerkraut Goulash


The Székely cabbage or Székely Goulash is a special part of the Hungarian cuisine. Unlike what its name suggests it is not known in the traditional Transylvanian cuisine. Its name goes back to József Székely (1825-1895) main county archivist, who was a contemporary and friend of the most famous Hungarian poet,national hero, Sándor Petőfi (1823-1849). In 1846 they were both having lunch in Komló Garden of Gránátos Street but by the time they got there the food was running out. The pub owner upon the request of Székely mixed the leftover sour cabbage dish with the pork stew. Next time Petőfi ordered the same and referred to it as Székely cabbage. The dish is served with fresh white bread and cold sour cream.





Pancakes Gundel Style


Few people know that the inventor of Gundel pancake was Lola Matzner, wife of Sándor Márai (1900-1989) the famous Hungarian writer. After the first night of a Márai play they were having a banquet in Gundel and Lola modified an old family recipe and had her own dessert made, chocolate pancake filled with walnut, raisin, sugary orange skin. Károly Gundel loved the dessert so much that he put it on the standard menu of the restaurant as Márai pancake. After the emigration of the Márai couple the state-owned restaurant could not have this name on the menu, so it was renamed Gundel pancake after the original owner.

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