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Finger_food Hungarian Finger Food


The Hungarian finger food is an appetizer. They are bites which are called as soldiers in Hungarian. Generally they consist of a piece of bread, and then some meat paté, or sausage or curd cheese spread (körözött) or pork crackling. On the top you can see some vegetables, for example Hungarian sweet paprika, tomato, a slice of onion, or radish. This bites go well with Hungarian fruit brandy (pálinka). This drink is very strong, so it can do harm very  easily but this finger food helps.


Ragout soup with tarragon

Ragout Soup With Tarragon


Usually we make it from poultry (turkey or chicken) but it has its vegetarian version as well. It is a light soup with cream that can be made more special adding any kind of vegetables. In addition to carrots and peas you can also add broccoli, beans or mushrooms.





Gypsy style pork chops with mixed garnish

Gypsy Style Pork Chops With Mixed Garnish


It is our world famous dish and a lot of internet sites refer to it as one of the most delicious Hungarian dishes. Even the famous/infamous Lenin mentioned it as ’Big Black Gypsy Steak’. It is from pork chops in the pan with lots of garlic and served with mixed garnish.





Sponge cake Somló

Sponge Cake Somló


Somlói galuska (Hungarian name) is one of the most well-known desserts of Hungarian pastry-making and ’the favourite cake of Hungary’. It is made from sponge cake with chocolate sauce and whipped cream decoration. It was invented by Károly Gollerits, the legendary main waitor of Gundel restaurant in the late 1950s.

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