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Jewish Dining - Menu A

Bean Pate With Challah Bean Pate With Challah


This is a delicious pate and easy to prepare. But do not forget to pour water on the beans the evening before you would like to make it. The mixture of beans, eggs, onion and goose fat and salt and pepper with the braided bread prepare you for the next dishes very well. 








Sweet tomatoes soup Pearl Barley Soup










Three-onion chicken breast with mashed potatoes

3-Onion Chicken Breast With Mashed Potatoes


This is a dish with simple ingredients and outstanding taste. The three different onions, lemon, rosemary, mustard seeds, walnut and sugar all make the otherwise a little boring chicken breast taste perfect. 








Jewish apple cake:

Jewish Apple Cake 


This dessert is very popular overseas and has several versions. As it does not contain milk, it is often on the table at Jewish celebrations. For me due to the apple, cinnamon and orange juice it is connected to colder winter days. 

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