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KITCHEN PIXIE has been created so that you can also taste our specialities, try Hungarian and Jewish food and drinks while you can learn about us and see us in a way most tourists cannot – in our flat and with an unique culinary program.






What We Offer

Why Choose Us

  • Complete Home Dining or Cooking Course program,
  • Hungarian and Jewish dishes in our Hungarian flat,
  • Hungarian wines and pálinka (fruit brandy),
  • As part of the chosen programme you can taste the famous Hungarian paprika, pickles, Hungarian cakes and biscuits,
  • Friendly conversations to get an insight into our culture and to learn about our customs.
100% Money back Guarantee
  • Our dishes are always prepared fresh from carefully selected ingredients,
  • You can always ask for more (we are happy to refill your glass and put some more on your plate),
  • We offer you the opportunity to actively take part in the preparation of certain dishes,
  • You can enjoy the food in a friendly, family atmosphere,
  • In addition to the food you can also learn about their preparation, origin and history,
  • We are a children-friendly place, where your child up to 8 years old can dine free,
  • During one single meal you can meet new people and start new friendships,
  • If you are not satisfied with our services, you will get a 100 percent refund on the price of the meals.